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Howling at the moon

Here’s one for you to ponder. This morning I answered a call on the house phone. Like many families, we all have our own cell phones, but we’ve kept the landline for emergencies, so mostly what we get there are calls … Continue reading

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Coming to New Mexico: A Petri Town for Tech Testing

Here’s something interesting: CBS News reports that a technology company wants to get its research out of the lab and into the real world. The company is Pegasus Global Holdings, and they intend to build an uninhabited modern replica city … Continue reading

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Info Miner Strikes a Rich Vein: The Cascadia Subduction Zone

I was (OK–I admit it; *toe scuff*) ego-surfing around the internet and came across a find: the Cascadia Subduction Zone. It’s a quarterly literary magazine that…well, I’ll let them tell you: The Cascadia Subduction Zone aims to bring reviews, criticism, … Continue reading

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To the Moon, A NYTimes Look-Back 50 Years Later

This is very belated, but here’s a terrific article on the 1960s space race in the New York Times: Looking Back at the Apollo Mission, 50 Years Later. I’ve written here about my own memories of those years. It was … Continue reading

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Geographers Had Predicted Osama’s Possible Whereabouts – ScienceInsider

Here’s something interesting, from Science Insider. In 2009, Geographers Used a Probabilistic Ecosystem model to Predict Osama’s Possible Whereabouts. They came really close, too. Science, you do us proud. Share this:

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