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UP AGAINST IT in the News

A couple of instances of ego-bookery popped up on the radar during my trip eastward. First, Portland Book Review gave it good press, here: The book quickly becomes hard to put down, as the tension develops on a number of … Continue reading

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Info Miner Strikes a Rich Vein: The Cascadia Subduction Zone

I was (OK–I admit it; *toe scuff*) ego-surfing around the internet and came across a find: the Cascadia Subduction Zone. It’s a quarterly literary magazine that…well, I’ll let them tell you: The Cascadia Subduction Zone aims to bring reviews, criticism, … Continue reading

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SF Signal Reviews Up Against It

SF Signal’s John DeNardo gives my book a nice review. I love it when that happens. You can read it here. Share this:

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UP AGAINST IT Giveaway at GoodReads

If you have been pining for a copy of my current book, UP AGAINST IT, but haven’t had that much coinage to drop for a hardcover, here’s your chance to win a copy. Ten copies of my book will be … Continue reading

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Hidden Bouquet

This essay is for fans of my work(1). In particular, those who know me as, and/or have read my work under my original byline, Laura J. Mixon(2). Share this:

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