Kinetic Sculpture

Here’s something cool. Theo Jansen creates sculptures that use the wind to walk across Holland’s beaches (h/t Gardner Dozois).

Man creates kinetic sculpture that moves and lives on its own. [VIDEO].*

He has given a TED talk (h/t Steve Gould), and more of his stuff can be seen here.

*My inner Sheldon feels compelled to point out that these creatures do not in fact meet the basic criteria for life–they don’t reproduce and can’t repair themselves. But the rest of me tells Sheldon to sit down and be quiet.

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2 Responses to Kinetic Sculpture

  1. Lynne W says:

    The strandbeests do reproduce, for certain values of “reproduce”. There’s one being spawned on my hobby desk even as we speak: – it just has to use nerds as an intermediary womb.

  2. MJL says:

    Brilliant point! Touche. 😀 (Though I was thinking of nerds rather as midwives.)

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