Cover Art for SF Telepresence Trilogy AVATARS DANCE

In the nineties and early ‘oughts, I wrote three related books on telepresence: GLASS HOUSES, PROXIES, and BURNING THE ICE. They came out under my Laura J. Mixon byline, and are due out this spring under my new byline, MJ Locke. Look for them in May 2012 as ebooks, Kindle, iBook, and Nook formats, as well as audiobooks from

When I tweeted this a few days ago, my buddy Linda Albritton asked for an advance peek at the cover art. So here they are! Enjoy.

They were created by the terrific team of Paulo Muppet and Luciana Eguti at Birdo Studios, who also did the artwork for Storytron.

Also, watch this site; as the publication date approaches, I’ll put up more about the books themselves.

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4 Responses to Cover Art for SF Telepresence Trilogy AVATARS DANCE

  1. Sean Craven says:

    It’s been a recent minor heartbreak to see some wonderful books being reissued by their authors with low-quality covers. These are lovely, stylish works. Congratulations on a smart move come to successful fruition.

  2. MJL says:

    Hey, Sean! Thanks for stopping by to comment. I love these covers–I’m in total squeee mode.

  3. hopdavid says:

    I am interested in science fiction using tele robots, drones, ROVs. I believe they will enable work in hard to reach and/or dangerous places (Fukashima, underground mines, sea floor, etc.). And will be a big game changer when it comes to establishing infrastructure on the moon or near earth asteroids.

    Another possibility is restoring self reliance and dignity to the disabled. My son-in-law broke his neck in a car accident. I am hoping Brain Machine Interfaces hooked to exo-suits and tele robots will come to pass while he’s still alive.

    I tried to order all three books but Proxies doesn’t seem to be available in any format but Audible. Being old school I prefer to read paper books.

  4. laurajmg says:

    Hi, David–yes, I need to get the e-version into publication! There are some, let’s say, *interesting* challenges issues with PROXIES, when trying to get it into an electronic format. I’ll aim to get all three of my my AVATARS DANCE books into e-book and print-on-demand by Labor Day, so watch this space for an announcement.

    I agree with you that telepresence has tremendous potential for enabling people with disabilities to have opportunities to engage with the world.

    Thanks for your interest.

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